About Us


RMS-Ross Corporation was established in 1926 as Rosedale Machine Shop and incorporated in 1982 in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada, as RMS-Ross Corporation.

RMS has designed, engineered, prototyped, machined and fabricated an extensive line of heavy mineral concentration equipment that is top of class, heavy duty equipment, and that is well respected in the industry, worldwide.

Project Driven Design

  • RMS also works with metallurgical research laboratories to oversee and specify metallurgical test work on customer samples, in order to gain the first step in depth of knowledge required for a given project’s ore
  • We determine from bench lab scale the required full-scale mining circuit design, use CAD to design & engineer the recovery circuit, then manufacture and assemble the equipment required to maximize overall target mineral/metal recovery for a given project

State of the Art Solutions and Results

RMS has a results oriented creative team and very skilled innovative engineering. The RMS team and its affiliates work very hard to provide exceptional results for their worldwide group of partners and clients.

Corporate Executive Summary

RMS-Ross Corporation is a designer, manufacturer and distributor of an extensive range of quality mining machinery and systems which are exported and used worldwide.

It is a vital, creative, skilled company located one hour east of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  This location allows for opportunities to access markets readily by truck, rail, or ocean shipping.

RMS – Ross Corp has great experience and capabilities in a wide variety of heavy duty custom steel fabrication and machining.

The company has thoroughly professional staff throughout.  RMS has had up to 120 employees on large scale projects, and currently has up to 20 highly qualified employees all proven talented engineers, designers, machinists and fabricators.

RMS utilizes "SolidWorks" software for 3-D parametric solid modeling of its engineering projects.  This feature is an important addition for mechanical designs and large assembly systems.

RMS also works with metallurgical research laboratories to oversee and specify metallurgical test work on customer samples, in order to gain the first step in depth of knowledge required for a given project's head feed material.

RMS determines from bench lab scale mineralogical work, the required full-scale mining circuit design, then use the 3-D parametric solid modeling to design & engineer the recovery circuit, and finally machine, fabricate, and assemble the equipment circuit, whether it is for crushing, milling, separation, and / or recovering maximum values for a given project.

Our equipment and circuits have been utilized in over 60 countries around the world.

Company History

The beginning of RMS – Ross Corporation started with the origin of Rosedale Machine Shop Ltd in 1926.

As the first shop in this rural area, populated with small farms, the early work was fabricating and installing horse shoes.  These horse "stocks" are now located in Barkerville, British Columbia the site of the first gold rush in BC, and now a restored National heritage site.

RMS was always innovative and steadily grew over the years as they satisfied the needs of the area.  It developed very popular specialty logging equipment including the Ecologger, a skidder mounted "cable" spar tree, ideal for logging in difficult areas and for thinning or "selective logging".   These units were sold into a number of different countries.

RMS developed the "Sidewinder", a high horsepower Swing Yarder built on the T97 tracked military tank chassis with a torsion bar suspension that was ideal for the logging industry.  The T97s were a fast, 130 ton tracked tank that had previously carried 150 mm howitzers during the Korean War.  The cables on this logging unit could span nearly .7 km with inhaul line speeds of over 70 km per hour and inhaul speeds of over 40 km.  This is still the fastest line speeds of any yarder ever built.

Later, the Successor company, RMS–Ross Corporation was developed to build and promote specialty mining equipment.  This range of equipment and the complete crushing, milling, separation and recovery circuits that RMS designs and fabricates are now utilized around the world.